I’m so honored @holamijasbonitas to be mentioned on @ohjoy blog and to be next to @huishungry Let me just start by saying that Joy Cho of @ohjoy is such an amazing woman! I’ve been following her for like ever and she’s such an inspiration. When I saw she was teaching a course about how to license your work I had to take it. I did not care about the cost cause I knew it’s an investment and also I will be learning from a woman that’s creative and understands it
from a designer perspective.
Since I took this class I’ve made a lot of moves! Don’t want to share a lot cause I want you to read the blog. I just want to say thank Joy for being so supportive and for always being so sweet. Read her blog which you can learn a lot about the class and also about @huishungry and @holamijasbonitas 
Check OH JOY BLOG to read her post! 

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