Love! Amor! Coloring Pages

Love! Amor! Coloring Pages

Love always wins! We are celebrating and showing support by creating these coloring pages! We stand for Love, Amor, Equality, and Inclusion! Download, Print, and have fun coloring! Please tag us #holamijasbonitas would love to see your beautiful art! Download Pages

What Is Pride Month? (Article by Parents)

Pride Month is both a joyful celebration and a serious political reminder that LGBTQ+ people are here and deserve the same rights as everyone else. It's a great experience that people of all ages can and should check out. LGBTQ+ Pride isn't limited to just one day or one month, though. You can be proud to be LGBTQ+ or to support someone who is all year round.

Why Do We Call It Pride?

The word "Pride" was actually originally an acronym that stood for Personal Rights in Defense and Education, an organization started in 1966 to fight for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people in California. But of course, there's also the double meaning of Pride, which describes the feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction people get from their achievements or best qualities. Pride is also defined as the "consciousness of one's own dignity." In other words, we use the word Pride to both honor an influential organization and to be proud of who we are.

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