Free Cute Hola Mijas Bonitas Phone and Laptop Wallpaper!

Happy Holidays Mijas! I want to say this year has been such a roller coaster or emotions from having some sad moments, stressful, and happy moments. I want to take the time to say Thank you everybody for being so supportive and for allowing me to share my mijas bonitas! 

The girls are so excited for the holidays and to celebrate with family and friends! Please enjoy this free cute phone wallpaper! I want to give you a cute gift! Enjoy them! Please click on this link for Desktop and Phone!

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  • Claudia,
    I’m sooo happy to have found your shop thanks to Monique, to join your fun Popshop Lives & to buy your goodies! This wallpaper group pic is adorable. I REALLY do love your stickers, I think you should let me be a PR girl! 😉💖

    Karel Z

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