Thank you, Gracias, The Happy Planner!

Hola Mijas!!! I’m in tears right now! I’m so honored to be part of  The Happy Planner  Creator Spotlight! I saw the email and checked their website!
When I created Hola Mijas Bonitas I did it because I was not seeing cute little characters that represented me and diversity. I love everything cute, kawaii and I wanted to create a character that I can see myself, my sis, my daughter, and I wanted every person to feel included. I’m so happy to see you all open your arms for them and love them like I do! It truly means the world to me. I started it all just sketching at home and then bringing them to life by sharing with all of you! Like I always say do what you love! Check The Happy Planner to check all the amazing brands! I’m so honored to be part of this list!
Truly Gracias, Thank you for being so supportive! 

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